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1rightarrow.png See Howto:Processing legacy PUI dialogs using Canvas for the main article about this subject.

This is intended to become a table with existing Canvas widgets, as well as a side-by-side comparison with PUI widgets to list missing features, progress/completion status, including links to all relevant resources (docs, source code pointers)

PUI widget Priority Canvas widget Remarks
<hrule>/<vrule> not critical 80}% completed
<list> Not implemented list, combo and select should probably be tackled together, there's plenty of common/similar functionality
<airport-list> Not implemented trivial using navdb APIs and ScrollArea with buttons/labels for each entry and a corresponding event handler Howto:Processing_legacy_PUI_dialogs_using_Canvas#Use_Case:_airports.xml
<property-list> Not implemented Property Browser, rough prototype exists already, basically mapping 3 props.nas APIs to a ScrollArea with buttons for each property/node, allowing the tree to be travsersed interactively
<input> LineEdit
<text> Label
<checkbox> Checkbox
<radio> 80}% completed
<button> Button
<map> Not implemented, see also Canvas MapStructure 20}% completed Howto:Creating_a_Canvas_GUI_Widget#Implementing_a_Map_widget
<canvas> Not needed (for obvious reasons) While we don't necessarily need a canvas widget, we need to map the PUI widget to a corresponding equivalent, i.e. an embedded Canvas with its own scripting block to animate the whole thing Howto:Processing_legacy_PUI_dialogs_using_Canvas#Embedded_Canvas
<combo> Not implemented list, combo and select can be unified
<slider> 80}% completed can be implemented as a button with drag'n drop support, placed between two outer buttons in the form of [<] [button] [>]
<dial> Not implemented
<textbox> LineEdit and/or Label
<select> Not implemented list, combo and select can be unified
<waypointlist> Not implemented trivial using navdb APIs and ScrollArea with buttons
<loglist> Not implemented needs SGLOG logstream exposed via Nasal/CppBind
No equivalent ScrollArea serves as the generic building block for any PUI list-type (waypoints/airports) with labels/buttons added for each entry shown