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(en) List of articles about using the Canvas system for UI purposes

As of 12/2022, this category is going to be used to keep a list of Canvas UI related wiki articles. The idea being to review/update useful articles as needed, and remove obsolete ones over time.

To learn more about the rationale behind using the Canvas system to get rid of PUI, see: FlightGear and OpenGL Core Profile and Unifying the 2D rendering backend via canvas

To learn more about the status of the ongoing effort to replace PUI via a Canvas based GUI, see: PUI#Replacement status

To learn more about the current state of affairs, see: Canvas widget matrix

To get involved in helping, here's an article with useful pointers: Hackathon Proposal:Canvas Widgets

To learn more about the history of this idea, refer to QtQuick use in FlightGear#Status and Howto:Processing legacy PUI dialogs using Canvas