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Welcome to the wiki editing portal

This is the place to find out what is happening on the FlightGear wiki. Learn what tasks need to be done and what groups there are to join, and share news about recent events or current activities taking place on the wiki.

Get involved!

Just like FlightGear itself, the wiki can be considered open-source. Everyone is encouraged to register an account and start contributing!

Maybe you noticed that the article on your favourite aircraft is a bit out of date and you can give it a refresh, or the Howto on making coffee on the 747 needs a cleanup, or the one on Blender lacks a picture, you have found a spam link or simply a typo and want to fix it! All are very valid reasons to join and every little effort helps the maintainers, even just adding the proper template to let them know. Remember to add a meaningful summary message, maintainers do read them!

By the way, do you want to help with regular maintenance? That would allow you to learn a whole lot on the FlightGear project. In fact, maintaining documentation is the classical way of getting into an open project.

This portal provides links to useful wiki tools and articles, ranging from how to write your first article to extensive markup techniques. See also the help pages.

One last note. Remember that any contribution to this wiki is licensed under the GNU GPL version 2.


Discuss the wiki and helping each other out improving the wiki!

Please, remember to sign your comments: use four tildes ("~~~~") or the sign button (Button sig.png) above the editor text box.

Individual pages
To discuss individual pages, use their "Discussion" page accessible through the tab at the top left of corner of the page.
The wiki in general
Discuss the wiki, its organization and maintenance at the Village pump.
There is a wiki-related IRC channel at irc://irc.flightgear.org/#wiki

Checking articles
Also check: new articles, new files and recent changes.

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Inspiration for new articles
Understanding the Project
Most wanted articles
Translating articles

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Improving articles
Wiki Housekeepking
Articles considered for deletionAccuracy disputes
Extending short articles
Fixing up articles with wrong quotes
Articles to be merged
Manual of Style

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Regular maintenance
Plugin Installation Requests
Pictures of the week
Uncategorized: filespages
Orphaned pages – Pages with no links to them yet.
Undocumented templates
Notes to admins

Wiki statistics
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