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The picture of the week, which is shown on the main page, is an image which is dynamically updated each week with an image from the wiki. The purpose of this is to highlight some features of FlightGear like aircraft, sceneries and addons.

Add pictures

Each single picture is hand-added; for each single week. You can help us!

Check the image list to see what images could be added. Please try to get some variation in the pictures.

To add a new picture, copy the code below to a new article named: Template:POTW/yyyy-ww. This week's template should be created in: Template:POTW/2022-39.

| image       = 
| description = 
| article     = 
}}<noinclude>[[Category:Picture of the week 2022]]</noinclude>

Place a short description about the plane, scenery, cockpit or what else is shown on the picture. Make the title of the aricle bold in the description and make a link to the article. See {{POTW}} for an example and more information.

Previous pictures of the day can be found at Category:Picture of the day

Resource: Special:NewFiles


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