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The picture of the day, which is shown on the main page, is an image which is dynamically updated each day with an image from the wiki. The purpose of this is to highlight some features of FlightGear like aircraft.


|image       = 
|description = 
|article     = 
}}<noinclude>[[Category:Picture of the Day 2022-09]]<noinclude>
  • image: the name of the image, without File:.
  • description: the text to show. Should be minimized to several lines.
  • article: the title of the article where the image is most related to.

Do not forget to add the category and leave the noinclude tags in place!


|image       = 25U-004.png
|description = The '''Pilatus PC-9M''' is a fast turboprop military trainer that is easy to handle and a lot of fun to fly, like in this screenshot flying over Snake River running through [[Suggested Flights#Hell.27s_Canyon|Hell's Canyon]].
|article     = Pilatus PC-9M
}}<noinclude>[[Category:Picture of the Day 2022-09]]<noinclude>



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