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Two "pictures of the..."

Hi Thebgland,

first of all welcome to the wiki! ;-)

Originally I initiated a "picture of the day", similar to what you did this week. After a while I came to the conclussion that we had too little images to prevent us from showing the same image twice. As well as too little manpower to collect images and texts for 365 days in the year. Those two were the main reasons for changing POTD into POTW, picture of the week. And even now we often have red links showing up, because no-one created a POTW template for this week. Maybe because no-one cared or because there were no nice pictures (note the word nice, we try/tried to only highlight really nice or interesting images).

I'm interested in hearing your ideas/plans with the POTD. Will you keep adding images every single day? Do you have time for that? And do we have sufficient amounts of nice/interesting images for that? Either way, having two "POT" on the main page looks awkward to me. I think we'll have to choose...

How about this: we keep the POTW on the main page, and turn your POTD into an "aircraft of the week or day". You seem to have mostly aircraft images anyway (and that is what the majority of images on the wiki is). We could then move it to the aircraft portal? If we like that we can also add a "scenery image of the week" to the scenery portal.

What do you think?

Cheers, Gijs 11:48, 11 August 2012 (EDT)