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Location Delft, the Netherlands
Job PhD candidate in Aerospace Engineering
Interest(s) Architecture, Computers, 3D, Aviation, FlightGear
MP callsign(s) PH-GYS
Favourite aircraft Boeing 747-400

I have been flying in FlightGear since early 2007, shortly after which I started developing. I originally modelled buildings in SketchUp, that is what brought me to FlightGear. In the past years I have been working on various airports, aircraft and additional (small) developments.

Besides all these developing tasks, I have tried (and am still trying to) promote the use of the wiki, write articles and I've been moderating both the wiki and the forum This is a link to the FlightGear forum. for some years now. As a side job I also maintain the livery database.

I've been working at the following projects; some of which are still in active development, while others are temporarily on hold. Waiting for people to pick it up and continue developing it.

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