VU University Medical Center

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VU Medical Center
EH0001 in the FlightGear scenery
EH0001 in the FlightGear scenery
Type Helideck
City Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Runway Length Material

The VU University Medical Center or VUMC, is the university hospital affiliated with the Vrije Universiteit (literally: Free University) of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It is one of the largest and leading hospitals of The Netherlands, located next to Amsterdam's A10 ringway in the southwestern part of the city, next to the VU campus and close to Schiphol airport. The hospital houses a traumateam, equipped with an EC135 helicopter, which can operate from the helideck (ICAO: EH0001) on the roof of the building.

FlightGear scenery

Add the following lines to your apt.dat file to be able to start from the helipad, as explained here.

17 126 0 0 EH0001 [H] VU Medisch Centrum 
10 52.33434 4.85911 H1x 360.00 40 0000.0000 0000.0000 36 111111 1 0 2 0.25 0 0300.0300