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Welcome to the developer portal

Please visit our forum if you cannot find what you're looking for.

Put a piece of yourself into FlightGear!

In FlightGear, "development" is anything that improves the project. So, it's not just code-related core development. There's also scenery development, aircraft development and all the stuff you can see in the column here on the right. If you want an extended overview, check out the Volunteer page.

Actually that's not all you can contribute. There's also documentation, with the FlightGear Manual... and this wiki of course! To contribute to the wiki, head off to the Wiki Portal. There's a lot to do there too.

If you want to get in touch with other developers, register an account at the forum, and for core development subscribe to the mailing list too and consider visiting the Bug tracker.

Remember: we might call it volunteering, but what should drive you is the fun of doing something.

For core developers

Visit Category:Core development projects to see a list of currently ongoing projects! See Category:Developer Plans to see a list of developer plans for the upcoming release.

See request for comments for a list of long-standing issues and challenges affecting FlightGear's evolution and overall development progress (admittedly a little outdated meanwhile). Also see the Jenkins build page and the Bug tracker.

Coding Help Needed! (Updated 06/2020)

Development repository status

Current release: 2020.3.19 (18 Oct 2023)
Next release: 2020.3.20
See release plan for details.

Getting started
How the FlightGear project works
The development process · Release plan
Building FlightGear · Git · Build server
Property tree · File formats · Tools of the Trade · Bug tracker

Forum posts
Wiki changes
FGData RSS feed
FlightGear RSS feed
SimGear RSS feed

Long term goals · Popular Ideas · Virtual FSweekend Hackathon 2021
Improving glider realism / helicopter realism
Setting up a multiplayer server · Expo checklist

Portal aircraft.png

Howto:Troubleshooting Aircraft Performance Issues· Making an aircraft · Flight dynamics model
3D aircraft models · Liveries · Resources
Soaring instrumentation sdk · Creating instruments · System dependent instruments
Designing an autopilot

Nuvola apps kaboodle.png

Animate models · Illuminate objects
Gear scissors (with tracking animation)
Clickable panels · Knob / slider animation

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List of Core Developers · Developer Plans · Projects
Getting started · Programming resources · Adding scripting bindings
Adding fgcommands · Creating subsystems
Built-in Profiler · Howto:Extend Nasal · Howto:Using Ada in FlightGear
Howto:Use Property Tree Objects · Code cleanup
FlightGear-Points of Interest · Request for comments
OpenSceneGraph · Rendering system improvements · Jenkins build page · Bug tracker

Portal scenery.png

Procedural Texturing
Placing objects · Airport signs
Converting from X-Plane/MSFS
Making an airport · Generating terrain
AI Traffic · Quick links: Improve your area - where & how to improve something you see


Frequently asked questions · Writing simple scripts
Nasal for C++ programmers · Variables and their types
Conditionals · Loops · Operators · In-sim console