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Scenery, a world class on its own

Scenery is the landscape in FlightGear (or any other simulator) and is therefore an essential part of the simulator. Contributing something back to the FlightGear world (literally) is both fun and rewarding.

One of the best aspects of FlightGear's open source character is the global scenery database.

Getting started
Frequently asked questions · Understanding scenery · Quick links: where and how to improve something you see

Modelling clouds · Nasal in scenery objects
Current projects · Scenery wish list
Development resources

Making an airport · Making a helipad
Adding airport details · Animated jetways · Signs
Testing your airport layout
TaxiDraw · WorldEditor
AI Traffic

Getting started · Placing objects
Calculating elevation offsets
Decreasing number of faces
Illuminating faces · Texturing
Converting from X-Plane/MSFS
Converting with ModelConverterX
Scenery database
Blender · SketchUp

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Creating custom terrain · Procedural Texturing · Photoscenery
Editing materials · TerraGear · TerraMaster
Using QGIS to process NLCD data