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The Isère region in France.
Scenery tiles

Scenery is the landscape in FlightGear (or any other simulator). The "mint" or unchanged just-downloaded FlightGear comes with 2 square degrees of scenery near the default airport. The rest of the world is available via download. Details and accuracy vary from place to place.

The scenery data is released as World Scenery collections, available through download in 10x10 degree chunks from the the FlightGear website. Please note that the packages there are only updated very infrequently, so instead you can use TerraSync to download up-to-date scenery as you fly by.

Some high-quality third-party scenery has also been released for FlightGear. However, because anyone may contribute models or terrain data to the official FlightGear scenery, third-party scenery add-ons are not as common as in other flight simulator projects.


By the end of this year (2015), the FlightGear Project's hosting for the scenemodels database and website and the TerraSync repository will no longer be available. As a result, the FlightGear Project is searching for a replacement, even just a temporary one. The technical requirements are roughly these:

  • A PostgreSQL database (with the PostGIS extension) of approximately 40 GB, with capacity to expand (this is for the scenemodels database).
  • An Apache webserver, PHP, access to the database and the usual toolkit for hosting the scenemodels website
  • An SVN server with 140+ GB for the TerraSync repository.
  • Enough bandwith to serve the data.
  • One or more reverse proxies serving TerraSync requests (not much storage required, just bandwidth).

If you can provide the above, are able to provide help, or have any serious ideas for a replacement, please get in touch via the forum topic or the mailing list topic

Torsten (Nov 9th, 2015). Scenemodels and terrasync are going down.

Cquote1.png Having the OSM database, probably augmented with our scenemodels, elevation model, navdb, apt.dat, groundnet etc. as the data backend and being able to render the scenery at runtime would be fantastic.
— Torsten (Dec 9th, 2015). Re: OSM, the death of scene models?.
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Cquote1.png Sadly, our scenery generation process is in a state of transition right now, so it's not easy/quick (possible?) to do a full world rebuild to reflect an updated apt.dat file.
Cquote1.png Martin, our scenery builder and infrastructure provider for many years has decided to leave the project, there will be no new scenery release for a while.
Cquote1.png can we start with a funding the operation of the new home for scenemodels, terrasync and the scenery generation tools (approx 3.000$/year), please?
— Torsten (Nov 26th, 2015). Re: FlightGear Development Push.
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Cquote1.png I think trying to come up with 3k/year for infrastructure costs would be a good goal. It will help FG immediately, and it'll serve as a test case - if it's hard to come up with that kind of money, then funding development salaries will be impossible anyway. If this turns out to be easy... well, worth further discussion perhaps.
— Thorsten (Dec 2nd, 2015). Re: FlightGear Development Push.
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Cquote1.png I download the latest planet and run osm2pgsql - here are a few numbers:

The complete planet dump file is approx. 30GB. download yours here (pick the pbf). The import into a postgresql database takes something between one day (hexacore, 64GB RAM, 4 disks RAID10 7200RPM 4TB Array) to one week (average quad core, 8GB, single consumer market HD) and explodes to several hundret GB for the database (depends a lot on filesystem params).

I would not recommend this procedure for the average user.

For the brave, the excellent howto is here:
— Torsten (Dec 9th, 2015). Re: OSM, the death of scene models?.
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