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ElDorado, Kansas - ElDorado Lake

Kansas/Midwest Scenery Development

Hello and welcome to my Kansas/Midwest scenery development page.

Hopefully in the weeks, months and years to come, I can contribute some useful Midwest Scenery and Airport Data.

Airport Layouts

So far, I have updated and submitted airport layouts to the FlightGear project for

  • KEQA
  • 3AU
  • KRCP

I have a few more in the works and plan to eventually add terminals and structures to as many Kansas Airports as I have the motivation to finish.


Kansas Custom Scenery

I also have custom scenery generated from a combination of

  • NLCD (land cover)
  • OSM (roads, rivers and rail)
  • SRTM (water data)
  • New CS Data
  • custom textures

for the entire state of Kansas

This is currently very heavy data but works surprisingly well on my mid level CPU and graphics card.

Ohio Custom Scenery

Custom scenery generated from a combination of

  • CS Data based on NLCD (land cover)
  • OSM (roads, rivers and rail)
  • SRTM (water data to come)
  • custom textures

for the entire state of Ohio.

Addon Development

Cargo placement UI.

Cargo Towing Addon

Cargo Towing is now in the form of an addon. The Cargo Towing addon adds the ability for any helicopter to haul cargo from either a slung position. The AirCrane retains a docked cargo capability. Now included, hooks for adding load weight and winched rope length to any aircraft that has the instrumentation do display this data.. Using the Wildfire addon in addition to Cargo Towing addon, you can use a bambi bucket for firefighting. Also added a special feature that allows the AirCrane to load water from any of the 3 Water Tank cargos. The addon extended the sling load Cargo Towing capability to any aircraft.

Cargo Towing Addon


Mission Generator Addon

The Mission Generator addon is a continuing project that is designed to give FlightGear some ability to easily generate different mission orientated challenges. So far there are currently ...

  • Wildfire events. Using Wildfire and Cargo Towing addons you have the capability to put these fire out using various aircraft and methods. Including Water drop with tankers, bambi bucket or the Aircrane's jet spray boom apparatus.
  • Search and rescue, water and land, including life flight to hospital.
  • Intercept missions, including an airspace intrusion

All missions are fully customizable and can be either on demand or set a random range and time for the event, per event type.

Mission Generator Addon

Vectored to target.
Target data vectoring.


Bucket fills by submerging in any water source.

The Wildfire addon originally was a FlightGear stand alone nasal module written and developed by Anders Gidenstam and incorporated in fgdata


Wildfire - A cellular automaton forest fire model with the ability to spread over the multiplayer network.Written and developed by Anders Gidenstam  (anders(at) Copyright (C) 2007 - 2012  Anders Gidenstam  (anders(at) Modifications and conversion to Addon by Wayne Bragg wlbragg

The cellular automata model used here is loosely based on A. Hernandez Encinas, L. Hernandez Encinas, S. Hoya White, A. Martin del Rey, G. Rodriguez Sanchez, "Simulation of forest fire fronts using cellular automata", Advances in Engineering Software 38 (2007), pp. 372-378, Elsevier.

Wildfire Addon

Dumping the bucket will suppress the wildfire..

View from engineering station.

Future Endeavors


International Space Stay

AirCrane over the Mojave Desert in the Palmdale/Landcaster area. Compositor shadows, OSM2CITY models, ALS lighting and Orthographics texture.

AirCrane over the Mojave Desert in the Palmdale/Landcaster area. Compositor shadows, OSM2CITY models, ALS lighting and Orthographics texture.

Watch this page for future releases of various project for FlightGear. I hope to have a couple of surprises just around the bend.