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Project Hong Kong is aimed to improve the Hong Kong scenery in FlightGear.

Forum development thread: Project Hong Kong post on the forum This is a link to the FlightGear forum.

Current status (May 2015)

  • Built custom scenery, using landcover provided by statto and Martin
  • "Fixed" airport layout - had to remove a taxiway because I could not create an airport with holes in it.
  • Add OSM forest/parks (some prominent ones are still missing)
  • Add osm2city buildings and roads
  • Add curved approach lights, based on OT-666's LOWI approach lights

Airports we are planning to work on

  • VHHH
  • VHXX
  • VHSK

Hong Kong terrain improvements

We also will fix the FG terrain in Hong Kong to be close as possible to Real Hong Kong

To Do List

  • New Models for all airports and sounding areas
  • Adding Detailed markings on runways and taxiways
  • Moving existing models to their correct possessions
  • Replacing inaccurate models
  • Building the Victoria Harbor skyline
  • Building Kowloon City
  • Urbanizing the City
  • Regenerating the Hong Kong terrain using TerraGear
  • Building realistic roads with moving traffic
  • Building realistic tracks with moving trains

Volunteers are welcomed

If you wish to help in this project, please contact Pakistan-1 or Radi on the FlightGear Forum.