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Germany, formally Bundesrepublik Deutschland, is a nation in western Europe of about 83 million people [1].

Due to its federal nature, Germany is subdivided into 16 states, including Bavaria in the south-east, famous for bordering the Alps and being home to the "Oktoberfest" of Munich.

In clockwise motion, starting from the North, Germany is bordered by a jut of land currently occupied by Denmark, the Baltic Sea, Poland & Czech Republic to the East, Austria & Switzerland to the South, France, Belgium and to the west, and the North Sea to the North in 2019.

However just a few decades ago the nations and borders were somewhat different, for example the Czech Republic used to be Czechoslovakia. Even farther back, parts of eastern Germany and Western Poland were part of of one nation called Prussia, bordered by the now long defunct Russian Empire. Other nuances include smaller territorial exchanges, such as the Rheinland.

Five major cites

  • Berlin, the capital city
  • Hamburg
  • Munich
  • Cologne
  • Frankfurt

German airports

For a list of Airports in Germany see Category:Airports in Germany


Hansajet landing at Schiphol

Many aircraft are related to Germany, with components produced or engineered at this location. Most of the designs were from the 20th century, and lately its aerospace industry has been reduced mainly to being part of the international Airbus corporation.

Some examples of German related aircraft in FlightGear by 2010 include:

Aircraft museums & displays

Aerospace museums in Germany are for example the Luftwaffe Museum Berlin-Gatow or the Technik Museum Speyer.

Custom Scenery

There are multiple custom sceneries available for different locations in Germany, see Category:Airports in Germany. A custom scenery for multiple locations in Germany can be found here.

What's needed? How can I help?

The development repository of this custom scenery contains a textfile called "regions.txt" which includes a list of airports/airfields existing in the currently available regions. Every airfield having a "TODO" marker behind it does not yet exist in the X-Plane scenery gateway we share to provide airport files. Using the World Editor, you can create these airfields and upload them to said gateway to make sure these can be included in future builds of this custom scenery.

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