Dornier Do 335

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Dornier Do 335
Type Historical aircraft, Military aircraft, Fighter aircraft
Configuration Push-pull aircraft, Low wing aircraft
Propulsion Piston aircraft, Twin-engine aircraft
Manufacturer Dornier
  • Emmanuel Baranger (3D, FDM)
  • Pierre Geoffroy (FDM)
--aircraft= do335
Status Beta
 FDM Stars-2.png
 Systems Stars-2.png
 Cockpit Stars-2.png
 Model Stars-4.png
 Hangar Helijah hangar
 Website The website for the Dornier Do 335 developments.
 Repository The development repository of the Dornier Do 335.
Download Download the Dornier Do 335 aircraft package for the current stable release (2020.3).
License GPLv2+

The Dornier Do 335 was a twin engined fighter aircraft, in pusher-pull configuration (engines at nose and tail) that saw limited service in the Luftwaffe in the later years of WWII.

Cquote1.png 770 Km / h the speed that no contemporaries aircrafts of Do 335 could reach. Fortunately, once again this airplane did not have time to reach the front lines. But what machine!
— The FlightGear Do 335 developer Emmanuel Baranger at

A surviving Do 335 is exhibited at the National Air and Space Museum.

Aircraft help

Key Function
d Open/Close canopy
Shift+D Open/Close valves
e Guns fire


The Do 335 supports livery selection between:

  • Default - (green without shapes and Luftwaffe signs; see picture in the infobox)
  • Do335 - (green like Default but with shapes, structure and signs; see file below)
  • Neutral - (raw metall, non painted; with shapes and structure)

Speed and weight

Maximum speed 478 mph (770 km/h) at 21,000 ft (6400 m)
Cruising speed 426 mph (685 km/h) at 23,295 ft (7100 m)
Service ceiling 37,400 ft (11400 m)
Weight empty 16,314 lbs (7400 kg)
Maximum take-off weight 21,164 lbs (9600 kg)

Dornier Do 335 near Bremen

Dornier Do 335 near Bremen

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