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FlightGear NL is the name under which scenery is being developed for the Netherlands.


Please feel free to help us, it is definitely appreciated! Our todo list:

  • Model buildings.
  • Collect data about buildings, airports, bridges etc.
  • Place the models in the scenery.
  • Enhance the scenery (by for instance adding rivers, roads, railways etc.) so we can place the buildings correctly, and to make VFR flights a pleasure.
  • And last but not least: test-fly the new scenery!

If you're interested, please visit the discussion page.

Thank you

We'd like to say thanks to these folks for helping us out so far:

  • Erik gave us some models of yards.
  • Georg placed a lot of the models in the scenery and helped to get this project started.
  • Gijs modeled most of the buildings and came up with the idea to start this project.
  • Jorg provided information and pictures for Volkel Air Base.
  • Michel kindly provided us with awesome Schiphol models.


All scenery is available through the official ways.


Amsterdam Airport Schiphol  
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol  


Number of objects

The number of scenery objects in the FlightGear Scenery Database (both static and shared).

Date # objects # windturbines
January 3, 2012 1606 156
January 4, 2012 1905 460
January 6, 2012 2203 757


Airport City ICAO Ground network Custom buildings Signs Airport (810) Airport (850)
Ameland Ameland EHAL
Schiphol Amsterdam EHAM
Budel Weert EHBD
Beek Maastricht EHBK
Beverwijk Hospital Beverwijk EHBX
Deelen EHDL
De Peel EHDP
Drachten Drachten EHDR
Dalfsen Gliders EHDS
Voorst Sport EHDV
Eindhoven Eindhoven EHEH
Eelde Groningen EHGG
Gilze Rijen EHGR
Hoogeveen Hoogeveen EHHO
Haamstede Gliders EHHS
Hilversum Hilversum EHHV
De Kooy Den Helder EHKD
Lelystad Lelystad EHLE
Langeveen EHLV
Leeuwarden Leeuwarden EHLW
Malden Gliders EHMD
Midden Zeeland Middelburg EHMZ
Emmeloord EHNP
Nistelrode Gliders EHNR
Rotterdam Rotterdam EHRD
Rotterdam City Heli (closed) Rotterdam EHRX
Soesterberg (closed) Soesterberg EHSB
Seppe Hoeven EHSP
Teuge Deventer EHTG
Terlet Gliders Terlet EHTL
Twenthe (closed) Enschede EHTW
Texel Texel EHTX
Valkenburg (closed) Valkenburg EHVB
Volkel Uden EHVK
Woensdrecht Woensdrecht EHWO
Ypenburg (closed) The Hague EHYB
VU University Medical Center Amsterdam EH01

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