Volkel Air Base

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Volkel Air Base
EHVK overview.jpg
Type Military
Owner Royal Netherlands Air Force
City Uden, the Netherlands
Runway Length Material
06R/24L 3026 m Asphalt
06L/24R 3028 m Asphalt
Scenery tile e005n51
Volkel's old and new ATC tower (work in progress).

Volkel Air Base (Dutch: Vliegbasis Volkel) is a military airfield used by the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) and is located near the town of Uden in the Netherlands. It is home to three F-16 Fighting Falcon squadrons, 311, 312 and 313. It also serves as a maintenance and logistical base for the RNLAF and houses the 703rd Munition Support Squadron, part of the 52d Fighter Wing from the United States Air Force.

Volkel in FlightGear

The scenery is currently in development, but will soon be released. Currently only the groundnetwork is finished and the shelters are modeled and placed. Volkel and surrounding area can soon be found on the e000n50/e005n51 scenery tile.


The following items are currently scheduled for development:

  • Scenery
development started (2011)
  • Tower (old)
* 3D Model : Alpha status
* Textures : Alpha status
  • Tower (new)
development started (2011)
  • Shelters
* 3D Model : Alpha status
* Textures : Alpha status
  • Hangers
Hanger 4
* 3D Model : Alpha status
* Textures : Alpha status


High priority

  • Generate high detail terrain (90% finished. TODO: roads)
    • Correct object placement (finished)
    • Correct ground network (80% finished)

Medium priority

  • Place new objects:
    • Tower (old) (finished)
    • Tower (new) (finished)
    • Hanger 4 (finished)
    • Hangar 6 (finished)
    • Hangar 7 (finished)
    • Hangar 8 (finished)
    • Radar (finished. TODO create better 3D model)
    • Random vehicles like crashtender, fueltrucks and cars (30% finished)

Low priority

  • Runaway distance remaining indicators (finished)
  • Create fences around:
    • Airfield (finished)
    • Safari park (finished)
    • QRA area
    • Ammo dump
  • place trees (FPS issue being reviewed)
  • Update this wiki with new screenshots


Dutch F-16s at the flightline at EHVK.