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Let us know what you think! Any tips or comments ar welcome. If you would like to take part of the team say it here!

changing the text

Hello everybody,

I've just done some editing to this page, in order to improve the English just a little bit. I hope you like me doing so, so far I've only edited the "status" piece of the text. If my work is appreciated, I'd happily do the entire page...

//update: entire page is now redone, but i've found some inconcistencies:
-first is mentioned that the progress so far is not yet ready for download, but we do have a download section...
-The airport map link in the information section is dead... I did not remove it, but perhaps it should be removed...
That's ok, I really appreciate that. My English is not perfect so I like it when you could check the texts. Thanks!

I would like to help

Hi, i presume you guys are dutch? im at least :p I would really like to help you guys with this project. i live in koog aan de zaan, above amsterdam, and would take pictures as textures for you too. i have an eos500d in november then i can take the pics. also i have friends in gmax, adobe photoshop world. self i can do photoshop and some 3d. maybe we could use some data from NL2000 v4? well hope it will be good i support you guys :p

greetings, silas —This unsigned comment was added by Silasje1 (talkchanges) 08:46, 29 October 2010 (UTC)

Please send me a PM at the forum (through this link This is a link to the FlightGear forum., if you have registered/logged in to the forum). Dan kunnen we even kijken wat je/jullie kan/kunnen en wil/willen doen.
Groetjes, Gijs 19:13, 29 October 2010 (UTC)