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Project Venezuela is a project by legoboyvdlp which aims to develop the scenery of Venezuela, with 850 layouts, models, and more!


  • Develop all airports in Venezuela with models and 850 layouts.
  • Make liveries for all Venezuelan airlines
  • To be Expanded


Goal Progress Comments
Conviasa Liveries 90}% completed All of Conviasa done except for Airbus A330-200. Many other are done
Caracas 90}% completed Bugfixing. 850 layout with full lighting done. Jetways in place.
Other Airports 20}% completed Many airports done; generated by D-ECHO


You may wonder why I wish to develop Venezuela. It is because it is my country, and no country can take its place in my heart, even with all it's political economic social and security problems. And it is sad to me to see that very few fly in Venezuela, and that not one airport is developed. I want to change that.


  • legoboyvdlp - WED Artist + Manager
  • IAHM-COL - General Help and TerraGear producer
  • wldbrag - TerraGear Assistant
  • berkut - Livery Artist
  • viveFG - Models for Caracas + GNU GPL confirmation
  • D-ECHO - TerraGear
  • D-Laser - TerraGear