Scenery FAQ

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Where can I download additional scenery?

At the FlightGear website you'll find a map where you can download world scenery. Objects (buildings, towers, bridges etc.) can be downloaded from the FlightGear Scenery Objects Database.

How do I install scenery?

See Installing Scenery

Why do I only see water when I start at a location?

You've forgotten to download the scenery for this part of the world, or you haven't installed it correctly.

Developing Scenery

How do I place objects, like buildings, into FlightGear?

  1. You can use the UFO or place them manually.
  2. You can use the tool "fgopt" (object placement tool) to modify objects that are already in in stg file
  3. You can place Project3000 and other objects with WED

Why do I get a red hue instead of textures?

There are several reasons for this.

  1. You didn't have the texture files in the same folder as the .ac file.
  2. The dimensions of your texture image file aren't powers of two. Like: 286x120, 530x88 etc.
  3. Your texture isn't exported to a format supported by FlightGear. .png and .rgb are used for the majority of textures. You can convert textures with a free software called Gimp (Gimp).

Where can I upload my buildings so other users can download them?

Send all your buildings to the FlightGear Scenery Objects Database.