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FlightGear comes with a set of illustrated documentation, known as The Manual.

Current Version

HTML versions

  • HTML (English)
  • HTML (Français / French)
  • HTML (Español / Spanish)
  • HTML (Italiano / Italian)
  • HTML (Deutsch / German)
  • HTML (Polski / Polish)

PDF versions

  • PDF (English)
  • PDF (Français / French)
  • PDF (Español / Spanish)
  • PDF (Italiano / Italian)
  • PDF (Deutsch / German)
  • PDF (Polski / Polish)

"The Manual"

This piece of documentation aims at being printed onto paper and being read as a reference while you are exploring FlightGear - or simply taken with you on a long trip.


If you are a skilled writer and are familiar with LaTeX, please take the time to dig into the PDF or HTML version. Instructions on how to get the source code are below.

It lies in the nature of FlightGear development that The Manual is always a bit behind current development. We invite you to pick information from

  • Your personal experience with FlightGear
  • The available README's in the FlightGear source tree or the Base Package or
  • The Wiki

and merge these into an appealing shape for The Manual. Turn your head to the FlightGear developers' mailing list and you will find someone to talk about how to improve The Manual.

You will find contacts of current maintainers in the Manual itself.

Source code

You will find the source code here, at the FlightGear Git repository.