Tools of the Trade

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Misc tools (proprietary but freely available)


  • Microsoft Visual Studio Community [1] - the modern version of Microsoft's IDE. The Community edition is free.
  • MSVC++ Express 2008 [2] - please note that you'll probably want to download the offline installation image file (iso) which -unlike the web installation- doesn't require any complicated and long-winded registration process. The direct link to the latest version (as of 11/2008) is [3] - after having downloaded the iso image, you'll either have to burn it or simply mount it in order to execute the installation (there are various tools to mount iso images under windows, you may want to check out daemon tools [4] for a freely available solution).

Shader Development

Debuggers & Profilers

OpenGL Debugging

Free/Open Source

Build related

Speeding up compilations/rebuilds



Memory Usage


Source Code Management / Revision Control Systems

fraps-like Output/Video capturing for *nix