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Current WIP section

At some point it might make sense to start differentiating between the various areas (core development, aircraft, scenery)

Call for Funding related

Wouldn't this particular paragraph be better placed on the wiki's main page?

3D Modeling section

This should probably also be moved to another page, or maybe to a modeling specific portal with modeling related resources

Howto section

should probably also be moved to aircraft/scenery portal

Livery Design specific sub portal

Some articles are specific to designing liveries, this would seem like another ideal candidate to become a portal, because it doesn't necessarily fit into any other of the current categories

Do we really need portals for every little part of development? We only have two articles about livery creation (we do not need much more), so that would be a very quiet portal and only makes the wiki less clear to new users... PS: Please end your messages on talk pages with four ~ (to show your name and date) Gijs 06:18, 13 April 2009 (EDT)
You are right, at the moment this would turn out to be a rather compact section, but it seems this particular aspect of modding FlightGear isn't ideally addressed by any of the user or development related portals, in particular because livery design is one of the easiest ways to get started contributing to FlightGear. You don't really "develop" a livery or texture, you design it. There really isn't much development related knowledge required. Putting this into the development related section may work, but it makes creating liveries seem much more technical than it really is. So at the moment this really isn't required like you say, it could very well be placed in some livery-specific section. But at some point, it would make sense to differentiate between aircraft development and just livery design. Feel free to change this back to its original structure if you want to.