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Use the {{Merge}}, {{Mergeto}} and {{Mergefrom}} tags to put articles in this category.

These articles have been tagged for merger with one of the following templates:

  • {{mergeto|PAGENAME}} - Merge this article into PAGENAME
  • {{mergefrom|PAGENAME}} - Merge PAGENAME into this article
  • {{merge|PAGENAME}} - Merge with PAGENAME, direction uncertain

These templates are supposed to go at the top of the article page, not the talk page. Readers should know that additional information on the same subject is available in the other article, and that the page name may soon change.

When merging articles you find here, please check both talk pages to see if there has been any discussion. If there is a "don't merge" consensus, please remove the merge templates from both articles instead of merging them. If the discussion is still ongoing, please change the tag to:

  • {{mergedisputed|PAGENAME}}