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The EXTRA 500 Menu

The Extra 500 has a special menu entry. This menu incorporates special Extra 500 functions.

Select Livery

This opens the livery select menu. Your selection is saved over sessions.


This opens the Extra 500 Configuration Dialog.

Extra500 configuration dialog

Here you can:

  • Enable / disable the failure / warning / caution / info messages and the trim panel
  • Toggle the ELT message over multiplayer chat on/off
  • Enable / disable the 'Startup at last position' dialog (shown at session start). With this dialog you can choose to go to the:
  1. Last position before you exited (or crashed out of) flightgear,
  2. Last airport you took off from (!) or
  3. Continue with your current position.
  • Enable / disable the 'MakeHuman' pilot/ passenger models. Normally these are triggered on/off in the Fuel and Payload dialog, but with this option you can hide them all independent of the payload selection. For computer systems where these models impact your performance too much.
  • Control the IFD boot time with the IFD boot time realism slider
  • Define a view you use quite often. This allows you to enter a view relative to the aircraft coordinate system and toggle to and from that view using <.
  • Control the size of the Extra 500 canvas dialogs (so they fit smaller computer screens)
  • Toggle where the high resolution Livery version is to be used.

Toggle Yokes Visible

Toggles the yokes visibility.

Toggle Smooth Weather

Toggles the Smooth weather system system on/off.

Failure dialog

Opens the Failure dialog. You can start breaking things and test your pilot skills.

Manual Deice Aircraft

For if your aircraft is completely iced up and you can't get rid off it.

Aircraft Checklists

Opens the Extra 500 checklists dialog.


For if you want to GO!!! Starts up the aircraft and engine to the ready for take-off configuration.

Wiki (Browser)

Opens the main Extra 500 wiki page in your browser.


Opens the Extra 500 and Flightgear 'About' windows.