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This page gives a fast overview of all instruments, switches etc of the Extra500 cockpit.
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Upper Panel

1. Back-up Airspeed Indicator
2. Back-up Attitude Indicator
3. Back-up Altimeter
3a. Back-up Altimeter pressure reference knob (mouse wheel)
4. Autopilot
4a. Heading mode knob
4b. Heading+Nav mode knob
4c. Nav mode knob (press twice for GPSS mode)
4d. Approach mode knob
4e. Reversion mode knob
4f. Altitude Hold mode knob
4g. Go to pre-selected altitude mode knob
4h. Vertical speed mode knob
4i. Set Vertical speed rotary knob (mouse wheel)
5. Audiopanel
5a. Volume knob (mouse wheel, press to switch on/off)
5b. Select COM 1 knob
5c. Select COM 2 knob
5d. Select additional sounds (nav1 morse code for instance)
6. Annunciator panel

Middle Panel

10. Propeller ammeter
11. LH IFD
11a. LH IFD screen dimming knob
11b. Nav source selection toggle switch (FMS, NAV1, NAV2)
11c. IFD pressure reference knob (mouse wheel)
12. RH IFD
13. Fuel quantity Indicators
14. Fuel Flow Indicator
15. Turn Coordinator
16. Engine instruments
17. Pilot panel vent switch
18. Panel Switches
18a. Autopilot main switch
18b. Autopilot trim switch
18c. Autopilot yaw trim switch
18d. Autopilot yaw trim adjust potentiometer
18e. Left fuel transfer switch
18f. Right fuel transfer switch
18g. Fuel pump 1 switch
18h. Fuel pump 2 switch
18i. Engine Overspeed test switch
18j. Engine motoring switch
18k. Engine start switch
18l. Keypad dimming potentiometer
18m. Glarelight dimming potentiometer
18n. Instruments dimming potentiometer
18o. Switches backlighting dimming potentiometer
18p. Annunciator panel dimming potentiometer
19. Pilot Yoke
19a. Autopilot disconnect switch (d)
19b. Electric trim switch
19c. Pilot Push To Talk switch (space)
19d. Control Wheel Steering Switch
20. Co-pilot panel vent switch
21. Co-pilot yoke

Panel reference lower

30. DME Hold switch
31. DME Indicator
32. ELT switch
33. Gear position lights
34. Gear switch (mouse wheel)
35. Cabin altitude / differential pressure indicator
36. Cabin Controller
36a. Cabin altitude selector (mouse wheel)
36b. Cabin climb rate knob (mouse wheel)
37. Cabin vertical speed
38. Flap switch and position lights
39. Pitch trim wheel
40. Pitch trim indicator
41. Power lever
42. Condition Lever

panel reference floor

50. Fuel selector valve
51. Pull to defrost Windshield
52. Set Parking brake
53. Pull for engine inlet anti-ice
54. Keypad
54a. Pre-select altitude (mouse wheel)
54b. Set heading bug (mouse wheel)
54c. Scroll in flightplan (mouse wheel)
54d. Swap frequencies COM1 or NAV1
54e. Swap frequencies COM2 or NAV2

Side switch panel

60. Battery switch
61. Standby alternator switch
62. Generator switch
63. External power switch
64. Generator test switch
65. Avionics (bus) switch
66. Strobe light switch
67. Navigation light switch
68. Landing light switch
69. Recognition light switch
70. Cabin light switch
71. Map light switch
72. Instrument light switch
73. Glare light switch
74. Day/night switch
75. Ice light switch
76. Propeller heat switch
77. Left pitot/static heat switch
78. Right pitot/static/stall heat switch
79. Windshield heat switch
80. Boots de-icing switch
81. Cabin pressurization/dump switch
82. Air-condition Switch
83. Vent switch
84. Environmental air switch
85. Manual warm/cool switch
86. Temperature control auto/manual
87. Temperature set potentiometer