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$FG_ROOT/defaults.xml (originally, $FG_ROOT/preferences.xml)

The following template description is not displayed when the template is inserted in an article.


This template will add a link to the article about the defaults.xml file containing FlightGear settings and mention that it was formerly known as preferences.xml.



This template has no parameters.



Will add the following to a page:

[[$FG_ROOT]]/[[defaults.xml]] (originally, $FG_ROOT/preferences.xml) <!--
commit 0565eaab10a5d466cd485766b17d1870936a0a57
Author: James Turner <zakalawe@mac.com>
Date:   Thu Jan 12 09:43:41 2017 +0000-->

That will render like below:

$FG_ROOT/defaults.xml (originally, $FG_ROOT/preferences.xml)

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