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This page is intended to list ideas for articles that are intended to help address long-standing issues and debates, such as for example:

  • "entry point" articles:
    • troubleshooting/end-user support
    • volunteering
    • contributing
    • core development
  • a more modular base package [1]
  • backward compatibility
  • JSBSim vs. YASim
  • Having too many unfinished/incomplete aircraft
  • Why we have fictional aircraft
  • GPL requirements
  • Placeholder mentality WRT to contributions
  • Aircraft ratings contributed by end-users
  • why we don't have custom GUI tools for things like developing aircraft/scenery, but use Blender, GRASS/QGIS, GIMP etc
  • why we tend to focus on infrastructure and building blocks instead of developing end-user features
  • why contributions should be granted directly to the project, to prevent people from "pulling" their contributions once they disagree with other contributors (c.f. grtux, vitos, i4dnf)
  • HLA/RTI repercussions WRT circumventing the GPL unless we adopt the AGPL