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Benvenuto nel portale dello sviluppo

Visita our forum se non trovi qui quello che stai cercando.

Put a piece of yourself into FlightGear!

In FlightGear, "development" is anything that improves the project. So, it's not just code-related core development. There's also scenery development, aircraft development and all the stuff you can see in the column here on the left. If you want an extended overview, check out the Volunteer page.

Actually that's not all you can contribute. There's also documentation, with the FlightGear Manual... and this wiki of course! To contribute to the wiki, head off to the Wiki Portal. There's a lot to do there too.

If you want to get in touch with other developers, register an account at the forum, and for core development subscribe to the mailing list too and consider visiting the Bug tracker.

Remember: we might call it volunteering, but what should drive you is the fun of doing something.

For core developers

Visit Category:Core development projects to see a list of currently ongoing projects! See Category:Developer Plans to see a list of developer plans for the upcoming release. See request for comments for a list of long-standing issues and challenges affecting FlightGear's evolution and overall development progress (admittedly a little outdated meanwhile). Also see the Jenkins build page and the Bug tracker.

Help needed:

The YASim FDM is looking for a new maintainer:

Cquote1.png There are some pending merge requests[1] to add some YASim features, but we have an issue that since none of the current C++ developers own, or are experts in YASim, we're reluctant to be the person who merges such changes, and potentially introduces subtle regressions.

Obviously this is chicken-and-egg, since no one can become expert enough in the code to become a maintainer :)

So, I'm more than happy to apply patches *providing* I can be convinced they are sane+reasonable from a pure code perspective (happy to help with that, too, if people are new to C++), and providing we have some assurance that a representative sample of YASim aircraft are unchanged or improved by the patch. Suggestions for that means in practice, are most welcome!

Otherwise I worry, given the nature of the solver, we'll keep optimising the solver for some aircraft, and making other existing aircraft worse - until someone tests them, and announced that they're no longer working.[1]
— James Turner
Cquote1.png I am still broadly happy to answer questions if posed (as long as I remember enough to come up with a meaningful answer). Just cc: me if you do, because my latencies here are measured in weeks.Bugs can always be fixed. What YASim needs is a maintainer, not really expertise per se. The latter comes from the former.[2]
— Andy Ross
  1. James Turner (Fri, 05 Oct 2012 03:54:43 -0700). YASim and documentation.
  2. Andy Ross (Fri, 05 Oct 2012 03:54:43 -0700). YASim and documentation.

Coding Help Needed! (Updated 06/2020)


Wanted: interview candidates

Every month we try to include an interview with a contributor in the FlightGear Newsletter. Anyone contributing to FlightGear, in whatever way, is welcome to answer a few questions and write his/her own interview.

More info at FlightGear Newsletter: Interview.

Stato del repository di sviluppo

Current release: 2020.3.19 (18 Oct 2023)
Next release: 2020.3.20
See release plan for details.

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