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Joseba. FG Volunteer at NASA
Moffet KNUQ NASA AMES Research Center

Sharing is Helping

STS-1 "Atlantis"

You are the Starring

The FlightGear Space Program is a colaborative project where everybody can interact with the four principles of the Free Software Philosophy. We have designed this Control Communication Center in order to share past, present and future activities around Space in our dear sim. As a FlightGear volunter feel free to help us. We have an open list of activities that you can do with us:

  • Being a FG Astronaut.
  • Mission's Design.
  • Adding new 3d models to the adventure. We are working in our existing list, please ask HerbyW before you start a really existing model.
  • Improving our Aiports Facility landings, taxiways and so on. See airport list below.
  • Video Makers.

Jobs - Careers

  • ASSIGNED TO: TICO and ESA-06 Photographers- Creatives with good GPU quality in order to assist our Space Program Image Bureau with high standards of quality. MANY THANKS
  • ASSIGNED TO: Skyboat (FlightGear Space Program) - FGSPEmbassy Departament is recuitring a native English-American writter who could help us to optimize our relationships (requests for help) with real-life space projects. MANY THANKS.
  • ASSIGNED TO: KL-666 as seen on FG's Forum. Couisine Chef This is a link to the FlightGear forum. needed for KTTS Building Facility, who can satisfy thus Earth Food menus as Creative Space Food recipes for international teams. MANY THANKS
  • Ames Research KNUQ Moffet is searching for a 3D modeler and or a programmer than can support 3 objetives: Integrate the walker to interactuate with the G-forces Human Benchmark Facility Building that furthermore lacks of entry way, AND OR convert our existing 3D SpaceShuttle model in a low poli model with 3 pylons pedestal as seen in real life. AND OR Addapt the walker body into our space suited astronaut model.
  • Livery Artist needed to create a Langley Wind Tunnel NACA anniversary livery of the delta glider aerodynamic research for our Airwave Xtreme 150 modern model.
  • Searching for a programmer maybe a weather guru, maybe not, that can implement with current FG balloon model-technique a captive metereological balloon that can transmit-show basic-advance weather info to the MP users screen.
  • Wiki is been helped by: Red Leader, J Maverick 16, Mhab. MANY THANKS.

Breakings News

  • We are going to add North_American OV-10A Bronco to our aircraft/mission list. It seems that Bronco's NASA model need some care, while other model livery is working ok. So we need help, if we want to include it.
  • Users claiming Historic Section shall be assisted with the proper space for that, ASAP. For the moment they can help us recreating-editing any historic flight they want. See mission list.
  • eagle contribute again with new amazing liveries for Antonov An-12BK and Antonov An-22A. MANY THANKS

Do you have an idea? Share with us, be free to include it in the list.

Also you can meet us at mumble.allfex.org

Many Thanks, thank you very much to all fg friends-pilots-developers whose are contributing and supporting our space program on a very quick response time. You are awesome FG'ers

Working Space Fleet

Space Shuttle

1rightarrow.png See Space Shuttle (FG Space Program) for the main article about this subject.

Columbia operating robot arm and launching satellite
  • Enterprise
  • Challenger
  • Columbia **Available Now ¡
  • Discovery
  • Endeavour
  • Atlantis **Available Now ¡

Cargo Aircrafts

Download complete pack at: www.github.com/herbyw/antonov-aircrafts Space Shuttle included

Elements that need to be improved *

KTTS Launchpad with NASOM in vertical position.



  • Galileo

Space Modules

  • International Space Station (ISS)
  • Mercury Redstone
  • Soyuz
  • Vostok-1


Mission Assignment

Badge We are testing and designing specific flights and missions for every aircraft-spacecraft of the space program around our facilities-airports network. From special cargo transport with Antonov's fleet to an orbital jump in the SpaceShuttle.

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