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J Maverick 16
Location Northern Italy
Age 20
  • Aviation (military)
  • Motorsport
  • Sports
  • Informatics & technology
  • Rock music
  • Photography (plane spotting)
  • MTB, gym and running.
MP callsign(s) Flying: J-Mav16, REBEL84, OPFOR96. ATC: USAF_xx.
Favourite aircraft
Website J Maverick 16 Official

I'm J Maverick 16 on the international forum, here on the Wiki, FGUK, OPRF, on the "Free Flight, Free Speech" forum and on the FlightGear Italia forum. My personal motto and custom "Hello" message when connecting over Multiplayer is: Breakin' the sound barrier every day.

About me

J Maverick 16's new avatar.

I'm a frequent flyer, mostly connected to multiplayer, mainly focused on flying military planes, especially fighter jets. I like joining in group flights and sometimes be controlled by ATCs. I'm CEO of The Northern-Italy ATC Controlled Area (NIATCA) project, and was a regular ATC at LIPA, ETAR, KLSV and other notable US military air bases. I'm the creator of many custom sceneries, most of them under development. To name some of them: LIPA - Aviano Air Base, ETAR - Ramstein Air Base, EGVA - RAF Fairford FJDG - Diego Garcia NSF. For more than a year now, but especially in the past months I've been working with it0uchpods on a general upgrade of the military versions of the Boeing 707, mainly the 707TT tanker variant. The project is called KC-137R (AATARS= Advanced Air-To-Air Refueling System), based on the real-life KC-135R Stratotanker with some additional improvements. Plus I keep contributing on other planes when possible.

My first flight simulator (believe it or not) was the flight sim on Google Earth, then I tried a MB-339PAN simulator in a fair and I acquired interest in aviation. Since then I started searching a free flight simulator to use on PC and perchance I found FG and immediately decided to use it. I'll never regret about that decision. In fact, aviation is now a big part of my life. When I have the chance, I am also a plane spotter of any type of aircraft I see. I would like to become a pilot one day, more inclined to military than civilian. Let's see what career will the future reserve for me ;) .

Me and FlightGear

I'm using FlightGear since July 2012 (suggested by a friend) when I downloaded the 2.6 version. At first I was flying mostly the Cessna 172P, flying randomly at KSFO (with some great difficulty at the beginning!). When I understood how to install properly aircraft folders into the correct directory, I haven't been able to stop using FG and kept learning how to deal with a plane. The Alphajet helped me a lot by learning how to deal with fighter jets at that time. Then I kept improving more and more day by day and nowadays I consider myself a quite good flight sim pilot. In my opinion this is the best flight simulator ever made: it is free, it's open-source, it's realistic, constantly under development,... all the characteristics that a program like FG must have to be popular and very used. Presently I'm using FlightGear version 2019.1.1 on a Mid-2010 iMac 27" w/ macOS 10.12 Recently I am involved in developing airports such as LIPA, ETAR, FJDG, LIPQ, LIBV, EGOD, LPLA, EGVA, EGUL, EGUN, ETAD, PGUA, RODN, RJTY, EGQL, KTNX, KINS, KNFL and many others.

Me and the FlightGear community

FlightGear Space program personal badge

Usually I don't fly a lot during Autumn-Winter-Spring period due to school and studies (except on free time and when I've got holidays) but I keep being in the air whenever I can. In the past I was a frequent ATC but due to PC issues I'm not doing the task for a while; also I really prefer flying than looking at other people doing it and attempting to control them, with all my respect to ATCs who perform their work fine. In Summer I dedicate a lot more time to FlightGear when I'm not in the outdoors or on holiday by the sea. ;)

I use a lot the FG-related forums, voice comms (like Mumble, Teamspeak and recently Discord too) and the Wiki where I enjoy reading and writing topics, sharing my experiences and learn new stuff. I'm also an active Google+, Instagram and Twitter user, sharing my screenshots, recent news and other things I want to share with the world.

I became member of the Main Administrators group of the FlightGear Italia forum on January 2015. What a beautiful result.

What I do on this Wiki

In this Wiki I create and take care of my articles about airports and aircrafts, edit those where I see mistakes or I simply want to update/add the content.

My lack of real flight experience

I never went on a flight (for now), only in an airport twice but I enjoy flying RC planes, RC helicopters and drones. I'm also a planespotter and about once or twice a year I go to Aviano Air Base, which is not too far from where I live. There, I saw landing and/or taking off (from 2013): F-16C/D, C-130J/-30, C-17, 767-300, 747-400, AH-64DN, CH-47, C-130H, C-12F, AS-532, HH-60G, C-26 Metroliner, EC-130H, AM-X, Eurofighter, KC-135R, F-15C, KC-135R. I'd like also to see: A-10C, F-15E, C-5M, F-22, F-35, P-8A.

Personal Todo List

  • Contribute in an advanced version of the General Dynamics F-16. In progress, active
  • Contribute to scenery improvement with 3D objects in Terrasync . In progress, active
  • Work on an improved scenary at and around LIPA. In progress, active
  • Finish works on the KC-137R family project and create a related wiki page. 70}% completed
  • Start works on McDonnell Douglas KC-10A Extender (JSB FDM). In progress, stalled
  • Work on military variants of the Airbus A330-200 (Voyager KC, KC-30A). In progress, stalled
  • Work on my personal VIP plane: the Boeing C-32J aka "Mav Force One". In progress, stalled
  • Finish 2D and release a first beta version of LIPA. Pending Pending
  • Start works on military variants of the Boeing 767-200 (KC-46, E-767, KC-767). Not done Not done
  • Contribute in FGUK planes and helicopters updates. Not done Not done
  • Start works on military variants of the Boeing 737NG (700, AEW&C, P-8A, JSTARS, C-40A/B). Not done Not done

Where & when I do ATC:

Here is a complete list of the airports I usually or sometimes control with OpenRadar (on the right, the callsigns I use):

Most controlled:

  • LIPA - Aviano Air Base = USAF_AV
  • ETAD - Spangdahlem Air Base = USAF_SP
  • ETAR - Ramstein Air Base = USAF_RS
  • EGUL - RAF Lakenheath = USAF_LN
  • EGUN - RAF Mildenhall = USAF_MN
  • KLSV - Nellis Air Force Base = USAF_NE

Sometimes controlled:

(I apologize if sometimes I do not respond immediately to calls in these airports)

  • LIPQ - Trieste-Ronchi dei Legionari = FVG_ATC
  • LPLA - Lajes Field = USAF_LJ
  • LIPI - Rivolto AB = PAN_TWR
  • LICZ - Sigonella NAS = NATO_SI
  • EGVA - RAF Fairford = USAF_FF
  • LIBV - Base aerea di Gioia del Colle = LIBV_CT
  • KDOV - Dover Air Force Base = USAF_DO
  • KADW - Andrews Air Force Base = USAF_DC
  • KLFI - Joint Base Langley-Eustis = USAF_LE
  • KDMA - Davis-Monthan Air Force Base = USAF_DM
  • KSUU - Travis Air Force Base = USAF_TR
  • FJDG - Diego Garcia NSF = NAVY_DG
  • PHNL - Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam Field = USAF_PH
  • RJTY - Yokota Air Base = USAF_YJ
  • PGUA - Andersen Air Force Base = USAF_AN

When I do ATC:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Summer sessions are usually between 17:00 UTC and 20:00 UTC. Winter sessions between 18:00 UTC and 20:00 UTC (considering the DST).

Projects I've done and which I'm working on:

Work in progress, in the mean time refer to my GitHub account page (look at the links at the end of the page). ...

My FGUK FlightNights for 2018/19

A FGUK FlightNight is a multiplayer event hold every Saturday evening from 20:00 to 22:00 UK time by a member of that community where everybody can come and have fun. Voice communications are always on their Teamspeak server (more info here), Usually, the whole event (including voice comms) is recorded and then uploaded to FGUK's Youtube channel.

Previous FlightNights

Next planned FlightNights

Operation Red Flag

Operation Red Flag (commonly known as OPRF) is a military organization in the FGFS simulator. It focuses on air operations like air combat at high levels, ground strikes, air to air refueling and more, where members can take part in big monthly events which are challenges between teams or opposing forces. OPRF uses a number of aircrafts modified with a damage coded model which are able to inflict/receive damage during air or ground combats. Such operations require lots of skills and everyday training for reaching high levels. It has a rank system and award system (last one created by me) for its members. My current rank is Brigadier General (O-7). You can find more information on the website.

Things to do in FlightGear (personal opinion)

Landing vertically the F-35B.
  • Fly at extremely low level with high speed, while pulling high Gs to avoid enemy missiles.
  • Visit NIATCA airports when controlled in multiplayer.
  • Pilot an F-14B for 40NM without fuel and land in safety at 170 kts.
  • Flying from/to EDDF when controlled by jomo.
  • "Try" to control San Francisco Intl with OpenRadar when there's a lot of traffic.
  • Flying at nearly ground level between mountain chains.
  • Fly with FGUK members during a FlightNight multiplayer event.
  • Try the Space Shuttle.
  • Dogfight with the F-14 or any other good fighter.
  • Fly into FGUK's superhangar at EGOD with any aircraft you want (be prepared to pay the landing fees).
  • Run the Mach Loop challenge.
  • Fly the KC-137R and other family planes.

Some "notable" things I've done in FlightGear


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