Trieste-Ronchi dei Legionari Airport

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Aeroporto "Pietro Savorgnan di Brazzà" di Trieste-Ronchi dei Legionari
Overview of LIPQ in the current version.
Overview of LIPQ in the current version.
Type Civil
Owner Aeroporto Friuli-Venezia Giulia S.p.A
City Ronchi dei Legionari, Gorizia, Italy
Runway Length Material
09/27 3000 m/ 9842 ft Asphalt
Scenery tile e013n45
TerraSync No

Trieste – Friuli Venezia Giulia Airport, formerly Trieste – Ronchi dei Legionari Airport, is an international airport located 0.3 NM (0.56 km) west of Ronchi dei Legionari (Gorizia), near Trieste in Venezia Giulia, north-eastern Italy. The airport is open to commercial traffic and its customer base exceeds 5 million, calculated on the basis of a travel time of 90 minutes by car needed to get to the airport.


The first airport structure in the territory of Ronchi dei Legionari is the training camp of the 4° Stormo caccia in 1935. In the fifties the area is chosen as the seat of the civil airport, due to start operations December 2, 1961: a Douglas DC- 3 of the company SAM - Società Aerea Mediterranea took off to Rome inaugurating trade links. Four years later was inaugurated the first section of the runway, a fitting and the new building of the airport.

Technical characteristics


The airport has only one runway (088°/268°), 3000 m long and 45 m wide.

  • Both directions are used for takeoffs (though runway 27 is much preferred).
  • Runway 27 is not used a lot for landings (except when there is strong down wind), for visual approaches only.
  • Runway 09 is suitable for all landings and is served by an ILS CAT II system (frequency: 100.75 MHz).


The airport offers the following services and infrastructure on the ground:

  • runway lights and radio aids linked in absolute continuity;
  • fire service and emergency response (8th category ICAO);
  • protection service to the flight to prevent birds from the airport grounds, through the use of trained falcons;
  • refueling aircraft;
  • technical support service to aircraft with its qualified personnel.

The cargo terminal covers an area of 2,830 square meters and includes:

  • an office building;
  • a warehouse equipped with refrigerators and safes for valuables.


FGCom frequencies




Custom scenery

J Maverick 16 is currently adding buildings to the airport so that the scenery is as faithful as possible to the real airport. The airport will be submitted for inclusion in the international scenery as soon as all the edits are done; further updates (more buildings, boudaries, decorations...) will be released via TerraSync.


The following table takes into account improvements available only in the current development version.

Task Progress Remarks
Taxi signs Not done Not done
Buildings 50}% completed Many of them have been added, all the main terminal needs to be built.
Parking positions and ground net 70}% completed Ground net was already done, have to add all parking positions.
Comprehensive air base scenery 70}% completed

ATC services (FVG_ATC)

ATC service is provided with OpenRadar regularly on weekends, using also Mumble and FGCom - check Lenny's website for the exact times and dates, but usually on Sunday evenings. For further information about LIPQ, use SkyVector and GCMAP. The airport is also included in the NIATCA project. To avoid pilot/ATC misunderstandings see the minimum list of best practices.

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