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I am new to developing aircrafts. Started in november 2014.

My main goal is to give you aircrafts without any error or problems, fully animatited in MP-modus, and getting better and better to more realism.

Alone this is not possible, so I have to thank everybody for testing, critics, brain storming and so on.

You will find me in the german channel of mumble often.

Have fun with "my" aircrafts.

My projects are all in:

There are the following aircrafts now fully working and in ongoing development:

Space Shuttle: 3 main engines, 2 booster rockets, 5 orbit control engines, 2 orbit manouver engines, parachute, smoke for all engines, robotarm, doors. All animations are in MP-modus, full orbit manouver system to hold a stable orbit at 150.000-300.000 ft, mach 20, HUD with extra information, 2 versions for MP-modus (Columbia and Atlantis), light system, help menue.

Antonov-12: russian instruments, all animations in MP-mode, smoke, 150 parachuters waiting for drop down, emergency landing, modified autopilot, extra cockpit in tail position, help menue, light system.

Antonov-22: like the AN-12 but not so far developed.

Antonov-225: gear animation for 32 wheels, some of them are not only rotating, light and smoke systems, slats, spoiler, flaps fully animated, russian instruments, help menue, special payload switch in the cockpit for Space Shuttle or other things on top of the aircraft.