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Antonov An-22A
HerbyW's hangar
The Antonov An-22 Cargo Transport
The Antonov An-22 Cargo Transport
Type Cargo aircraft
Configuration High wing aircraft
Propulsion Propeller aircraft, Four-engine aircraft
Manufacturer Antonov
  • HerbyW (FDM)
  • Firefly (Model)
  • Baranger E. (Original model)
--aircraft= AN-22A
Status Production
 FDM Stars-4.png
 Systems Stars-4.png
 Cockpit Stars-4.png
 Model Stars-5.png
Supports Rembrandt
 Website The website for the Antonov An-22A developments.
 Repository The development repository of the Antonov An-22A.
Download Download the aircraft package.
License GPLv2+


The Antonov An-22 Antei (NATO reporting name: Cock) is a cargo transport aircraft, the longest and heaviest propeller airplane in the world. The variant modelled in FlightGear is the An-22A. Is part of the FlightGear Space Program with assigned cargo missions for you around the Space Program Airport Network. See mission list

Development status/Issues/Todo


  • Complete model.


  • 3d cockpit is available


  • All animations with 200 paratroopers and 3 tanks dropping in Multiplayer.
  • More than 80 working instruments, full radio navigation systems.
  • Wind drift, trim-neutralizers and many more Russian instruments.
  • Thrust reverser
  • Autostart or manually start up.

New in FlightGear:

The An-22 is available at Latest update: 15 May 2015

Antonov 22A Drope Zone Mission Target Specialist

Aircraft help

  • See in-sim aircraft help.

Keyboard controls

= Paratroopers jump signal
s Autostart
< Toggle between pilot/engineer view
d Open/close left door
Shift+d Open/close right door
Shift+e Open/close cargo door
y Switch between pilot and ramp views
Del Toggle thrust reverser


The An-22 is been developing and tested on several platforms, including GNU/Linux, Windows XP, Windows 7, and Mac OS X with FlightGear 3.2, 3.4 and Git.

Thanks to...

  • Barranger E. for the original model of the An-22 available at the official repository (link).

Test pilots

HerbyW, Michatov

Technical systems assistance


Custom Propulsion integration


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