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这里是想为FlightGear做出贡献的开发者的大门. 如果你想加入FlightGears的开发, 比较好的方式就是在FlightGear发展里的邮件列表注册. 这个 档案列表 是非常有用的,您应在发表问题前浏览,避免重复。


The FlightGear project is looking for organizations/individuals who would be willing to help sponsor a fulltime project coordinator/manager to help oversee the overall development process If you are interested in helping or have anything else to contribute to this issue, please subscribe to the the FlightGear Devel mailing list to discuss details. (Note that the FlightGear project can apply for free funding/sponsoring with nlnet-applications are to be sent here-you can help prepare a template for applying: Funding Application)

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RFC Topics

Clarification: In its current form, the RFC section is exclusively based on and covered by previous mailing list and forum discussions (as well as various wiki entries), as such it is not supposed to reflect work in progress (RFC="Request For Comments" and not WIP), but is rather to be seen as an attempt to provide comprehensive analyses and summaries of key issues identified in various FlightGear related discussions and feature requests (which are to be linked to in the corresponding resource sections, if that didn't yet take place, it's because of most of these RFCs being indeed WIP).

Thus, RFC entries are not meant to imply anyone "working" on any of these issues, in fact only because an RFC entry is listed here doesn't necessarily mean that work on that particular issue is prioritized or generally endorsed by the FlightGear community. These RFC documents are however intended to hopefully help increase and maintain awareness of long-standing issues and challenges affecting FlightGear's evolution and overall development progress in order to solicit community feedback about possible approaches to address these in an efficient and structured fashion. Anybody is welcome to comment on, help refine and develop new strategies to tackle the challenges presented in these and future RFCs.