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Please note that as of 04/2009, the "aviation standards & information" section has been moved to a new page Aviation Standards & Information. This also applies to the "Free GIS data" section which can now be found at Scenery Development Resources.

As of 09/2009, there's also a new section titled Ground Traffic Simulation Resources specifically dedicated to collecting resources related to improving FlightGear's support for modeling ground traffic. As of 03/2010 the section on Shaders has been moved to a dedicated page titled GLSL Shader Programming Resources

Programming & Open Source

Source Code Management

Software Engineering


Pointer Basics


Programming - Background knowledge

C++ Courses

C++ eBooks

C++ References


Graphics Programming

Game Programming related

General OpenGL Resources

3D Maths

OSG/OpenSceneGraph related


(Forums, Newsgroups, Mailing Lists & Chat rooms)


Unix Sockets

Windows Sockets

Protocol Design

Multiplayer Design & Programming


State Management & Prediction



See also