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See the FlightGear v1.0 Gallery at FlightGear.org for much more about what FlightGear version 1.0 can do!

For those new to FG, version 1.0 can be downloaded Here, but most aircraft need to be separately downloaded Here and installed manually (see also FlightGear 1.0 default aircraft). Be aware of system requirements.

The Grumman F-14 Tomcat 3D cockpit
The cockpit of the DHC-3 O Otter with a 3d textured and animated pilot
Close up of A-10 Throttle, engines operation and APU panel
A SR-71 has a breaking parachute that can be released on landing
The V-22 can fold its wings
A SR-71 refueling behind a KC-135 tanker (see Howto: Air-Air Refueling)
Landing a Bo105 helicopter on a helipad inn the FlightGear NL scenery
Landing of an E-3B in NATO livery
EC-135 in ADAC livery takes off (see Flying the helicopter)
Landing on water with a Seaplane
The Fresnel Lens Optical landing System (see Howto: Carrier)
Landing gears down on U.S. Navy A-6E
OV-10A loaded with 2 Mk82 500lbs, 2 LAU 68 40mm rocket launcher and 1 230gal external fuel tank firing tracers
NASA OV-10 in action
FlightGear Paraglider