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With FlightGear 1.0 and later, you can practice aerotowing over the net using the multiplayer system. At this time, only few towplanes and gliders are capable of participating in MP aerotows. These are:



The following example uses the J3 and the Bocian, though if you are new to aerotowing use the Beaver; it's much easier due to tow with.


Taxi the J3 within 60m to the Bocian. The Bocian pilot has to press Ctrl+O (Shift+o). Both pilots should see a radio message that they are connected to each other, then the J3 pilot can taxi. Until we have the instrumentation designed that is capable of displaying the distance between the two aircraft, the J3 pilot should watch /sim/hitches/aerotow/tow/dist and /sim/hitches/aerotow/tow/dist-time-lag-corrected in the property browser. Be very slow if the dist gets near 60m, the length of the tow. Increase the speed slowly. Both pilots should try to lift off gently - the glider pilot should be particularly careful not to lift the tail of the towplane. Either pilot can release the tow by pressing Shift+O (Shift+o).


If you are not using a local network connection, both pilots should log in on the same server to minimize the time lag. The time lag will still rather large. Therefore /sim/hitches/aerotow/tow/dist and /sim/hitches/aerotow/tow/dist-time-lag-corrected differ significantly (the second value is the estimated dist, the other pilot is seeing right now).

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