Icaro Laminar 13 MRX

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Icaro Laminar 13 MRX
Soaring over Nordkette/Innsbruck (near LOWI)
Soaring over Nordkette/Innsbruck (near LOWI)
Ready for take off at Seegrube/Innsbruck (near LOWI)
Ready for take off at Seegrube/Innsbruck (near LOWI)
Type Hang glider, Glider aircraft
Configuration Delta-wing aircraft
Propulsion Unpowered aircraft
Manufacturer ICARO
Author(s) D-NXKT
--aircraft= Icaro_Laminar_13_MRX
Status Production
 FDM Stars-5.png
 Systems Stars-5.png
 Cockpit Stars-3.png
 Model Stars-4.png
 Website The website for the Icaro Laminar 13 MRX developments.
 Repository The development repository of the Icaro Laminar 13 MRX.
Download Download the Icaro Laminar 13 MRX aircraft package for the current stable release (2020.3).
License GPLv2+

This model represents a Laminar 13 MRX hang glider build by ICARO in the early 2000s. It is an advanced kingpostless hang glider which still represents the characteristical properties of a state of the art hang glider.
One aim of the development of this glider is rather to have a very realstic generic hang glider model than an exact copy of the Laminar 13. This means that some features and properties of this model can deviate from the real glider. However, since performance and flight dynamics don't differ so much between different hang gliders, the flight behavior should be very close to the real thing.
One more purpose of this model is to provide a tool that allows real hang glider pilots to exercise flight conditions that are way too dangerous to exercise in real life.


  • Weight-shift controlled
  • VG (Variable Geometry)
  • Semi flexible hang strap
  • Realistic performance and stall behavior for all VG-settings
  • Drag is dependent on pilot attitude (upright pilot and/or legs outside harness generates more drag)
  • Tumble
  • Spin
  • Ground effect
  • Impact of rain on performance and stall behavior
  • Wing failure caused by aerodynamic overloading
  • Drogue parachute
  • Emergency parachute
  • Horizontal stabilizer (optional and customizable)
  • Vertical stabilizer (optional and customizable)
  • Winch (incl. 2-stage release and step towing)
  • Aerotowing
  • Smoke system
  • View of instantaneous flow vector, aerodynamic force vector and center of gravity location
  • Drop test
  • Flight recorder (incl. vector, c.g. and winch animation)
  • Highly customizable (via GUI)

Instantaneous free stream flow vector (red), aerodynamic force vector (blue) and center of gravity (red blue ball): How does the glider respond?


  • Wing flexibility is not taken into account in detail.
  • No interaction between towrope and glider frame

Recommended flying sites

A very beautiful site is the real life hang gliding launch "Seegrube" which is located near LOWI (--lon=11.379070 --lat=47.306263 --heading=155 --on-ground). Choose 15kt wind from 180deg for all altitudes and soar up to the summits.

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