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Mainair Flash 2 Alpha
Flash2a in Air2.png
Flash2a on a cross-country flight
Flash2a on a cross-country flight
Type Hang glider, Ultralight aircraft, Ultralight trike
Propulsion Piston aicraft, Single-engine aircraft
Manufacturer Mainair
  • Stuart Buchanan
  • D-NXKT
--aircraft= flash2a
Status Early production
 FDM Stars-3.png
 Systems Stars-4.png
 Cockpit Stars-4.png
 Model Stars-4.png
 Website The website for the Mainair Flash 2 Alpha developments.
 Repository The development repository of the Mainair Flash 2 Alpha.
Download Download the Mainair Flash 2 Alpha aircraft package for the current stable release (2020.3).
License GPLv2+

The Mainair Flash 2 Alpha is an ultralight flex-wing aircraft with the engine and propeller mounted behind the tricycle unit which has provision for two occupants. It is powered by a 2-cylinder piston engine.

The FlightGear model is, like the real plane, weightshift controlled.

Feel the limited controllability but high aerodynamic stability compared to conventional three axis controlled aircraft. You can conveniently adjust the weight via the Weight and Balance-GUI. This allows simulating single-seated flights as well as flights with a passenger or different fuel capacity.

It is possible to simulate dangerous flight conditions like tumbling. In order to save your 'virtual life' the Flash 2 Alpha is equipped with an emergency parachute. It is highly recommended to make sure, how to release the parachute, prior testing off-design flight conditions (aerobatics)!

The Flash 2 Alpha can also be used for aerotowing hang gliders.

To start the engine, turn on the magneto (right curly-brace - "}"), then either press "s" to start the engine, or click on the (invisible) starter button in the top-left corner of the compass (Ctrl-C does not highlight this control for some reason). The left curly will turn off the magneto and kill the engine.

} - Magneto on.
{ - Magneto off.
s - start engine

On the number-pad:

9 - increase engine RPM
3 - reduce engine RPM.
4 - shift pilot weight left (turns plane left)
6 - shift pilot weight right (turns plane right)
8 - shift pilot weight back (pushes nose up)
2 - shift pilot weight forward (pushes nose down)
5 - returns pilot's weight distribution to "neutral", and will probably result in a crash (might be a good time to deploy that parachute).
Shift-Numpad numbers control the view from the cockpit

b - apply brake.
] - deploy the parachute
[ - retract the 'chute
TAB - toggles mouse/trackpad between three modes.
v - shifts the view
Ctrl-v - returns directly to cockpit view.

(Many of these keys are the same or similar on other FlightGear aircraft.)

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