Boeing 737 MAX

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Boeing 737 MAX Family
Boeing 737 MAX 9 in flight
Boeing 737 MAX 9 in flight
Max 9 ready to roll
Max 9 ready to roll
Type Short, Mid haul Advanced Airliner
  • Israel Emmanuel (naviat or sriemmanuel787)
  • Marsdolphin
  • SP-NTX
  • Captain Jake
--aircraft= 737-10


Status Development
 Repository The development repository of the Boeing 737 MAX Family.
License GPLv2+

The Boeing 737 MAX is the fourth generation of the Boeing 737, a narrow-body airliner manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes, a division of American company Boeing. It succeeds the Boeing 737 Next Generation and competes with the Airbus A320neo family. The new series was announced on August 30, 2011. Despite of the commotions that once arose regarding the crashes of these aircraft, after the revision by Boeing, they are back to skies again.


Israel Emmanuel: 3D, Systems, Animations, FDM

Marsdolphin: Systems


Captain Jake: 3D


At the time, the only variant being actively developed is the 737 MAX 10. However, the FDM for the remaining variants has been created and we expect to implement them soon. The Livery system has been implemented by Naviat at the moment. To delight of all FG'ers, the entire aircraft is fully compatible with our new HDR rendering pipeline.