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SID Tutorial

  • The map below show the Standard Intrument Departure (SID's) routes from the parallel runways 27L/27R and 09L/09R at EGLL London Heathrow.
  • The SID's are constantly updated/corrected and have a published expiry time by the CAA. Available from NATS here.
  • The charts are named by their exit points eg WOBUN/BUZAD SID, Midhurst SID, Southampton SID.
  • All the exit points are a VOR station with the exception of the northen most departure WOBUN/BUZAD SID which are Fix's.
  • Dover/Detling SID (red) are identical. Detling is an exit point, with Dover vor (off the map SE) added as extra leg.

Ac003 egll sids map.jpeg

Dover/Detling Departure

  • The DVR/DET sid route (red above), map shows the two routes from the same runway at EGLL. A SE heading and departure via Detling and/or Dover [VOR] transmitter stations.
  • DET and DVR are within a heavily controlled ATC towards upper airspace leaving London.
  • The two paths are from the same runway, 27L and 09R.
  • There are verbal agreements in addition to strict Noise Abatement procedures/routings and noise monitoring stations for fines.
  • The original document has in bold - Do not climb above SID levels until instructed by ATC.


  • This is an easterly departure, the route in named DVR 6J and is for runway 09R takeoff.
  • The take off is heading east, then a right turn to a flight path heading south east directly crossing south central London to Dover.
Straight ahead to LON D2, then turn right onto track 123°. At LON D4 turn left to establish on DET VOR R285 by DET D34,
cross DET D29 3000 or above, DET D20 5000 or above, DET D16 at 6000, DET D5 at 6000 to DET VOR, then to DVR VOR.


  • The route is named DET 2G, a western takeoff from 27L (favoured over 27R for noise).
  • After takeoff a 130 degree left turn heading south east, then a left turn east crossing over south London to the DET VOR.
Straight ahead to LON D1,then turn left on to NDB EPM QDM139°,to EPM NDB, 4000 or above(5%), 
then(but not before LON D10) DET VOR R273, cross DET D32 5000 or above, DET D29 at 6000, DET D5 at 6000 to DET VOR.
  • The SID DVR 2G: RWY 27L from same runway but Dover exit - has 'then to DVR VOR' appened at end.
  • DET 2F: RWY 27R for the parallel runway is identical with the exception of start: 'Straight ahead to LON D2' accomodating the turn.

Ac001 SID EGLL DOVER map.jpeg

DET 2G: RWY27L Explained

Straight ahead to LON D1,

  • climb straight ahead 270 ie runway heading
  • to a distance 1nm from the LON vor transmitter behind the aircraft

then turn left towards the NDB EPM QDM139°,

  • make a left climbing turn towards the Epsom NDB station
  • head towards this station at 139 magnetic on compass

to EPM NDB, 4000 or above(4.6%),

  • keep heading for EPM
  • climbing to 4000ft or above (a climb angle of greater that 4.6 degrees)
  • Flight AC001 on the map is at this stage

then (but not before LON D10) DET VOR R273,

  • when at least 10nm away from LON transmitter (which is by now north of the aircraft)
  • turn left and east into the 273 radial from Detling vor, heading 93

cross DET D32 5000 or above,

  • 32nm away from DET, the aircraft needs to be above 5000ft

DET D29 at 6000,

  • 29nm from DET transmitter the aircraft must be at 6000ft

DET D5 at 6000 to DET VOR,

  • 5nm from DET vor the aircraft must be at 6000ft
  • keep heading to the and pass over the Detling transmitter.

Cockpit View

  • Flight AC001 (a 787) has taken off from EGLL 27L, is completing a right 131 turn toward EPM NDB and is climbing through 4000ft with Altitude, Heading and Speed under Autopilot command.

Ac001 SID EGLL DOVER cockpit.jpeg