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Every Pilot and flight has a checklist, its an "idiot test" to ensure the pilot's have not missed anything. These have been designed over the years to ensure that some simple detail is not missed. And its easy to miss some vital aspect as focus moves to another issue over a short period of time.

  • Before landing checklist - the gear is down (oops forgot will not pass management)
  • Pressure enabled - cabin pressure is working (oops all of the pilot and crew fainted with lack of oxygen)
  • Crashed into a mountain - nav error (oops I stuck in 4000ft instead of 3000ft)
  • (The author spend 10hrs on an ocean flight, and almost perfect landing.. but no gear down. was in garden frustrated for a period realizing stupidity of error in two critical minutes of period)


Similar to a car journey, there are some idiot check's along the way to ensure the environment safe.

And as both experienced and inexperienced pilots there would be some issues that can cause problem, such as landing without the gear down, or frozen fuel because gear was not up mid ocean.

That is why pilots, whatever flavor have checklists.

These are by designed to ensure accidents do not happen, and for safety.

Within a modern cockpit and PF, PNF there is a dialog whereby the checklist is "checked of" with one "speaking the fact" and the other "confirming" the idiot check.

The "sheet" is normally a laminated charts

Pre Take Off

This is a pretend dialog of an aircraft preparing for takeoff.. Ok lets do eh pre-take off checklists...

Runway is 28L - check Take off speed is 120 - check Rotate is at 130 knots - check Autopilot is set for 125 and SID departure at 5% - check FLAPS are at 3 - check Auto throttle is set but not armed for TOGA at 160 - check Takeoff clearance - standby >> ATC Alpha Charlie Zero Zero One ready for take off clearance. Clear for take off Alpha Charlie zero Zero One 28L Roger Pre takeoff Alpha Charlie zero Zero One 28L >> Take off checklist complete (laminate is put away)

After take off checklist

  • landing gear is up - check
  • Flaps are at min - check
  • Stable speed and direction - check
  • IAS is set and direction - check

Before Landing Checklist