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The map below shows the three tarmac/pavements and six runways at EDDF Frankfurt.

Ac001 runways frankfurt.jpeg

  • Runways (RWY) are numbered between 01 and 36 to indicate their magnetic heading (to nearest 10th degree).
  • RWY 36 points north, 18 points south and 07 points NW.
  • A runway can be used in both directions and therefore two names, eg RWY 18/36.
  • If there are two or more runways, then L, C and R are appended for Left, Center, Right, eg 07L/25R.

EGLL: 09L/27R

The diagram shows the detail of the northern runway at Heathrow EGLL 09L/27R Ac001 egll runway icao.jpeg

  • The DME (top center) is the location of the DME transmitter and is placed around half way down the runway.
  • Below is the label indicating the RWY length, 3901M long and 50m wide and is designed to facilitate huge/heavy/fast aircraft, as well as small ones.
  • The lines of the center line are at ?m intervals
  • Below the red T, are the green lights of the "threshold", a point at which aircraft are to land or take off after. 09L is a displaced threshold as its further onto the tarmac and a blast zone.
  • Under the red P on both sides are the PAPI lights next to the "touch down zone", a point past the threshold and the safe landing area.
  • TODO - elevation description
  • TODO The lead in lights and the ILS position TODO


Below is the Google map view of 27R threshold.

  • Tis the threshold
  • Above the vertical purple lines are the "lead in lights", and these stretch at 25 intervals over a motorway, football pitch and a light industrial area.
  • The ILS system is clearly visible

Ac001 egll 27R threshold map.jpeg

The image below is an aircraft fly-by of the northern runway 27R (right entry above)

Ac001 egll 27R view.jpeg

  • 27R is clearly marked on the runway tarmac in foreground.
    • The parallel 27L (09R threshold) is visible top left.
  • T is the runway threshold and green lights. From the opposite side IE 09L these appear as red.
  • The ILS localiser is positioned the other end of the runway near 09L threshold and red lights.
  • D is the approx position of the DME transmitter halfway down the runway.
  • The P are the PAPI lights, aircraft is high for fly-by.
  • The Z is the target "touch down zone"


The image below is a fly-by near the 09L threshold, a few moment after above (exiting to the left above)

Ac001 egll 09L view.jpeg

  • 9L is clearly marked on the runway for approaching aircraft
  • The Threshold is marked with "red lights" and from the other side and landing, these are green.
  • The threshold is "displaced" from the end of the actual tarmac and a line-up/blast zone.
  • The ILS system is beyond the tarmac, the red/white colored box.
  • A taxi way is visible leading to or from the runway.