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Final Approach Tutorial

  • The map below shows the final approach to a Heathrow 27R landing.
  • The yellow circle is the extent of the EGLL Tower control and communications.
  • Departing aircraft from 27L parallel runway are shown in green.
  • The Initial Approach trails to 27R are in white, from Bovingdon VOR heading south east for a right turn heading west to the runway ILS.
  • Arriving aircraft are expected to be heading west at around 3000ft, pre-landing checklist complete and ready for descent to touchdown.
  • Around 15-20nm away an ATC handover would be conducted, switching communications from initial approach, to contacting Heathrow tower for landing and final clearance.
  • At busy times, there may be four or more aircraft on final approach.

Ac001 eggl final approach map.jpeg

  • To align with the center line the aircraft needs to be heading 272 as in red.
  • At a distance 7.5 nm from runway, and at a height of 2,500, descent can begin to 27R
  • At a distance D2 two nm or before for whatever reason, a M missed approach is executed.
  • The missed approach procedure is to climb to 3000ft, fly straight over the runway centre line, then turn right heading 319 and await further ATC instruction.
  • The purple track is an aircraft arriving showing hypothetical missed approach:
    • A small airliner has been directed by ATC to take a wider and slower path to allow a HEAVY to land first. Having captured the glidescope and localiser, at 1500ft and around 5nm away, its reported that the HEAVY has burst a tyre with possible debris on runway. A missed approach is executed by flying straight over the runway and climbing to 3000ft, then turn right heading 319 and Go Around whilst runway is checked.

Descent Procedure

Below is the final approach descent procedure for 27R ie right to left. The Missed Approach Procedure (MAPT) is described in the left box. Ac001 egll 27R descent rate graph.jpeg