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  • Peter Morgan is a Welshman from Wales(Cymru) UK.
  • Pedr is Cymraeg for Peter, as a teen was Pedro in a fake italian accento by uncle.
  • Welsh(Cymreag) is finectic and a celtic language similar to German.
  • The family name Morgen==Morgan is german origin.
  • Cwmraeg (Welsh) is used within home familt, but also English used more often.
  • Wenglish words are used often, which is a mix of both Welsh and English. eg Pilar tato = (cronar tato = Peel the potoates)
  • Ayr is air in Welsh(Cymreag)/
  • AC001 denotes Ayr Cymru Dim Dim Un' - Air Wales 001 = Alpha Bravo zero zero one

Flight College

Flight College

These are a set of tutorial for IFR, feedback and review, suggestions most welcome

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