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  • ...that FlightGear is used in several FAA approved simulators?
  • ...that you can simulate random system failures realistically?
  • ...that anyone can edit FlightGear source and contribute to the project?
  • ...that the whole city of Barcelona, Spain is available in 3D models?
  • ...that there are 3,484 articles on this wiki?
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This template is used on the main page to show some hints and tips.

If a language is not available the template will show the English text.


{{did you know |lang=}}
Optional parameter that will override the language selection. Useful for debugging purposes.

Alternative lines

Every now and then we can change the "Did you know" lines, replacing them by some of the ones below, or create new.

Each line should start with (for English):




  • ...that everyone can control our aircraft carriers?
  • ...that pressing the middle mouse button can control the throttle?

Already shown

These have already been shown, only reshow them if the list above is empty!

  • ...that you can share the cockpit (of some aircraft) with another user over the multiplayer network?
  • ...that FlightGear is used by almost 25.000 users?
  • ...that some planes can perform dogfights?
  • ...that FlightGears scenery covers the whole globe?
  • ...that you can move your head around by holding the middle mouse button in view mode?
  • ...that you can chat live with both developers and users in our IRC channel?
  • ...that you can toggle the menubar on or off by pressing F10, and even change the GUI style by pressing Shift + F10?
  • ...that FlightGear changed from PLIB to OSG as of version 1.9?
  • ...that you can walk through some of the aircraft cabins?
  • ...that FlightGear's first release was in July 1997?
  • ...that there are over 230 aircraft available?
  • ...that there's a total of over 150 liveries, based on real airlines, available for various planes?
  • ...that FlightGear is available in over 5 languages?
  • ...that everyone can control air traffic as of version 1.9?
  • ...that crashes ignite real fires in the development version?
  • ...that MPDummy is positioned near runway 28L at KSFO to test your multiplayer settings?
  • ...that FlightGear can simulate the real weather at any location at a given moment?
  • ...that creating liveries is one of the easiest ways to contribute to the FlightGear project?
  • ...that you can set up full heigth storms with lightning and turbulence?
  • ...that FlightGear is used for research by several companies, including universities?
  • ...that OSG is able to render reflections on water?



  • ...dat je met de middenste muisknop gas kan geven?
  • ...dat iedereen de vliegdekschepen kan besturen?
  • ...dat FlightGear ruim 25.000 gebruikers kent?
  • ...dat sommige gevechtsvliegtuigen echt in gevecht kunnen gaan?
  • ...dat het FlightGear landschap de gehele aardbol omvat?
  • ...dat je de zitpositie kan veranderen door de middelste muistoets ingedrukt te houden in "view mode"?
  • ...dat een live chat sessie, via ons IRC kanaal, met gebruikers en ontwikkelaars mogelijk is?
  • ...dat je de menubar aan en uit kunt doen met F10, zelfs de window-stijl kan aanpassen met Shift-F10?
  • ...dat oudere versies van FlightGear PLIB gebruikten en dat nu OSG gebruikt wordt?
  • ...dat je in sommige vliegtuigen heen en weer kunt lopen, zelfs kasjes open en dicht kan doen?
  • ...dat de eerste publicatie van FlightGear in juli 1997 was?
  • ...dat er ruim 230 vliegtuigen beschikbaar zijn?
  • ...dat gebruikers ruim 150 verschillende vliegtuig-paintjobs (Liveries) voor ons hebben gemaakt?
  • ...dat FlightGear beschikbaar is in 5 verschillende talen?
  • ...dat iedereen luchtverkeersleider kan zijn, op elk vliegveld?
  • ...dat een ongeluk in FlightGear vuur kan veroorzaken?
  • ...dat FlightGear het huidige (echte) weer kan tonen en gebruiken, over de gehele wereld?
  • ...dat het maken van een vliegtuig-paintjob (Liveries) één van de eenvoudigste manieren is om bij te dragen aan FlightGear.
  • ...dat het mogelijk is om stormen te simuleren, tot in de hoogste atmosfeer, met bliksem en turbulentie?
  • ...dat FlightGear gebruikt wordt als simulator bij bedrijven en universiteiten?
  • ...dat OSG in staat is om water-reflecties te tonen?

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