Douglas A-4 Skyhawk

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Douglas A4 Skyhawk
A4-Skyhawk from Nimitz.png
Type Military aircraft, Attack aircraft
Manufacturer Douglas, McDonnell Douglas, Boeing
  • Lewis Magruder
  • Dean Baunton
  • Jim Wilson
  • Andy Ross
  • Vivian Meazza
--aircraft= a4f

Status early-production
Supports Mid-air refueling
 Website The website for the Douglas A4 Skyhawk developments.
 Repository The development repository of the Douglas A4 Skyhawk.
Download Download the Douglas A4 Skyhawk aircraft package for the current stable release (2020.3).
License GPLv2+

The Douglas A-4 Skyhawk is a carrier-capable attack aircraft designed for the United States Navy. The delta wing Skyhawk, powered by a single turbojet, was designed and produced by Douglas Aircraft Company (later McDonnell Douglas and finally Boeing). The initial designation was A4D under the Navy's designation system, and A-4 Skyhawk after 1962.

Aircraft help

1rightarrow.png See A-4F Skyhawk Operations Manual for the main article about this subject.

Key Function
Shift+C Catapult launch command
Shift+L Carrier launch-bar engage
O / Shift+O Hook up/down
Ctrl+B Toggle airbrakes
Ctrl+K Toggle spoilers

Development status/Issues/Todo


  • No cockpit light at night visible
  • No aircraft light available
  • No jetstream visible

3D Cockpit

  • No cockpit light at night available


  • Engine sound in cockpit does not differ from outside engine sound
  • Engines can't be turned off

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