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It is possible that there will be an increasing number of Raspberries being added to your FlightGear simulator. It is also possible that the location of said simulator only has a WiFi connection, to the home network. Furthermore, the home network might be saturated by other family menbers. It also might be possible that this cluster of devices is using Barrier, to share a common keyboard and mouse. One solution is to use a common WiFi router as a LAN/WLAN Bridge. Now, all the Raspberries can be connected to switch that is part of the Bridge Router and still have a internet connection.


An excellent guide on how to set up a bridge can be found at Nerd Quickies.

Raspberry bridging hints

The ifconfig command is helpful to find information and addresses of eth0. After making changes to the Raspberry network setting, use the below commands to activate the modified settings. After making the changes, take the Ethernet down. After a bit of time, use the up command to restart the Ethernet. That is when your changes go into effect.

sudo ifconfig eth0 up #Ethernet
sudo ifconfig eth0 down #Ethernet