Graphic Issues Raspberry Pi 4

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Gauge Shaders - DHC-6-300 Twin Otter

Raspberry Pi4 shader issue.

There can be an issue with the cockpit gauge shaders, that make the steam gauges unreadable. See screenshot. The Air Speed Indicator has been edited per below.

The <!-- and --> was used to comment out the shade.

The file path is /.fgfs/Aircraft/org.flightgear.fgaddon.trunk/Aircraft/dhc6/Models/Flightdeck/Instruments/asi/asi0.xml All the steam gauges with the glass_shader.png will need edited.


Navigation lights

An easy patch to fix the background being visible, is to convert the PNG file to grayscale. The downside is that the color is lost.

Radio Antenna Guide Wires

An easy fix to this distraction is to turn off the guide wires in the HTML file.